The Calling
Having spent sixteen years growing up in and around Peoples, one of the ways that God began to prepare Grace for ministry was her being offered a job as administrative assistant to the Minister of Music. During that tenure, in addition to the complete preparation of music for choir/musical teams and for special event Sundays, including recruiting musicians, Grace learned the fine art of “artist booking”. She handled public relations on behalf of the music minister and the church, extensively planning and coordinating concert events of Grammy award-winning artists, and many up-and-coming vocalists in the Toronto area.  By watching Christians with a love for God express themselves freely through music, her own desire to encourage the church body and lead searching people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ grew; she knew that God would use her in a wonderful way if she was totally committed to His calling – forsaking all else. Psalm  139 has been a particularly inspirational portion of Scripture, discussing the way that God has plans for each of our lives before we are even aware of them. It is a reminder by a loving God of a place where she can look back and see direction and planning over her life.  As life has progressed, it has become clear to Grace that as His children we are each absolutely required to use our gifts for His glory – so that others might be touched – and encouraged – by God.  We live in a dark world that needs the freeing and forgiving love and joy that only Jesus Christ brings.  As individuals we have to recognize that responsibility.

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